Can You Be a Lesbian and Still Like Strap-On Sex?

What’s the best way to describe a lesbian’s sexual preferences? In general, lesbian women are only attracted to other women. That means there are no men or penises involved. If that’s the case, why do some women still enjoy lesbian strap-on sex?

Because of its penetrative nature, is using a strap-on on your partner or having a strap-on used on you equivalent to having straight sex? Absolutely not! In fact, any kind of sex between two lesbians is essentially lesbian sex, no matter what toys or props they decide to use.

It’s a confusing concept, but below is a brief explanation for why it’s still lesbian sex even if they use strap-ons.



Why do some lesbians like strap-on sex?

Two major reasons for using strap-ons stand out: the physical reason and the psychological reason.

The physical reason for using a strap-on during lesbian sex is easy. Women have nerve endings inside their vagina. When these nerve endings get stimulated, they feel the pleasure that can lead to orgasm. It’s the same for lesbians. Many lesbians simply find pleasure in penetrative sex. They enjoy the idea of their partner thrusting into them much like a man with a penis would, but it’s a woman on the other end of the dildo giving them pleasure.

The psychological reason is much more complex. As mentioned above, the physical reason for enjoying strap-on sex often comes with psychological pleasure. However, some women love the power dynamic of being able to penetrate their partner. It’s not just lesbians who do that, either. Some straight men enjoy getting pegged by a woman!


Some lesbians, on the other hand, don’t see the use of a strap-on as an imitation of heterosexual intercourse. They see it as a uniquely lesbian form of sex where they get to pleasure another woman’s g-spot while taking on a more dominant role. They find it sexy and exciting. There are even strapless sex toys that penetrate the wearer as she thrusts into her partner.

Now you may wonder why some women don’t just have sex with a man instead of a lesbian wearing a strap-on. We can all collectively agree that there’s more to men than just having a penis attached to them. Men are made up of a combination of aspects that lesbians are not attracted to.

Basically, a strap-on is just one of many props lesbians use to enrich their sexual experience. It’s not a fantasy penis (though some lesbians may see it that way). It’s simply something that brings lesbians physical and psychological pleasure. It doesn’t diminish the fact that any form of sex with a fellow lesbian is still absolutely lesbian sex.

So yes, you can absolutely be a lesbian even if you enjoy having sex with a strap-on. The kind of sex you enjoy doesn’t take away from your sexual preference. It’s just one more way to make sex more fun. So don’t feel like you’re betraying the essence of lesbianism if you enjoy using a strap-on!