Best Wedding Gifts for Lesbian Couples

Buying a wedding gift for a lesbian couple is more like buying a gift for a straight couple than anything else. Still, there are presents with unique touches that they would appreciate, like the ones we’ll write about and recommend in this article. Shop from their registry if they have one – it will take all the guesswork out for you if they’ve already indicated what they want.

Personalized Bedding

There are blankets and pillowcases that are personalized and the happy couple will love them. The simplest option is a fleece blanketwith the couple’s name and the date of their wedding. Alternatively, you could make a photo blanket out of the pictures you took.

Personalized Clock

Although the time of wall clocks has passed, it would make a thoughtful present with the addition of their personal wedding information, like their last name and wedding date.

Matching Pillowcases

It may be hard to guess a person’s decorating style, so go for simple, matching pillowcases that will fit into any décor. A good option would be pillowcases inscribed with the words “Hers”and“Hers”.


Matching metal or rope bracelets are a cute and unique gift. We came upon an interesting idea – a set of rope bracelets where one includes the lock and the other comes with the key. You can opt for adjustable ones made with acrylic beads, elastic cord rope, or alloy metal.

Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are a classic gift for all newlyweds. To put a lesbian spin on this gift, these should come with lettering reading“I’m the Mrs.” on one and “I’m also the Mrs.” on the other.

Monogrammed Towels

If there’s one thing a couple could use an infinite supply of, it’s towels. You can customize them with the couple’s last name or their initials.

Water Carafe Set

The newlyweds are sure to get gazillions of champagne flutes and/or coffee mugs, but a personalized water carafe set is a great idea if you want to give them something practical. Make sure they are dishwasher safe. You could have them engraved with their last name, initials, or a single block initial.

Engraved Drink Coasters

A set of drink coasters can be personalized with the newlyweds’ first names and wedding date and say something like “Mrs. & Mrs.” in permanent etching as not to require any maintenance.

We hope you find the perfect lesbian wedding gift among these or in general.Don’t forget to check their registry if you’re short on ideas.